Saturday, 26 January 2013

Tabita Skincare tips

Reaction From Using Tabita Skin Care

After Week 1, your face may/ will feel sore, tight, itchy, followed by exfoliating – this will be felt for about 10 days. Under these circumstances, it is advisable not to scratch, otherwise it can result in facial scars.

When applied to the neck area, you will/ may feel itchy. Continue with the usage and reduce smooth lotion application to only two (2) drops. After less than two (2) weeks, it will return to normal and visible results can been seen after one (1) month.

(NOTE: The above reaction and results could vary or be different for each person and some could even experience no peeling as well)

When your face feel sore or itchy, press gently with a clean soft tissue or cotton swab. The usage of Tabita products should continue and not be stopped.

After the peeling on the face (thin peel) has occurred evenly, then the itchy feeling will disappear by itself.

Exfoliation takes longer, usually for the nose and mouth areas, ie. after Week 4 and 5, changes will be visible on your face.

For best results, it is recommended not to use with other beauty products at the same time.


Visible results after using Tabita products varies from user to user, depending on each user's skin condition.

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